Equipment of car shock absorber production line

Shock Absorber(parts assembling and welding):Projection Welding Machine I-(eye ring)(bottom cap)(dust-proof cap)(piston rod)、Inserting Machine I-(dust-proof cover& piston rod)(bottom cap& outer tube)、Projection Welding Machine II-(eye ring) & (outer tube)、Projection Welding Machine III-(bracket assembly) & (U-type support)、4-Gun Spot Welding Machine-(piston rod)(recoil stopper)&(dust-proof cover and cap)、Polishing machine

Floating type shock absorber oil cylinder assembly equipment:Vertical Seam Welding Machine-(bottom cap) & (outer tube)、Dual Gun MAG Seam Welding Machine-(eye ring)(bottom cap)(outer tube)、Leakage testing machine

Suspension shock absorber oil cylinder assembly welding equipment:Inserting Machine(bottom cap) & (outer tube)、Inserting Machine(bracket assembly)(outer tube)、Dual Gun MAG Welding Machine(bracket assembly & outer tube)(spring holder & outer tube)、Hydraulic Adjusting Machine(the adjustment of bracket assembly)、Hydraulic Punching Machine(the hole punching of bracket assembly)、Projection Welding Machine(bracket slice) & (outer tube)、Projection Welding Machine(bracket) & (outer tube)、Leakage testing machine、Robotic CO2 Welding Machine-(outer tube & bracket assembly)(bracket slice & outer tube)(bracket & outer tube)

Robotic CO2 Welding Machine—(outer tube & bracket assembly)(bracket slice & outer tube)(bracket & outer tube):Vertical seam welding machine