Resistance hydraulic forging machine
Resistance hydraulic forging machine
  • This resistance hydraulic forging machine utilizes resistance of material with hydraulic system to squize workpiece end by forging process (ex. Before making valve, he diameter of workpiece end needs to be processed.) It's good for foging process of engine valve and special screw.

According to customer's requirement.

Resistance hydraulic forging machine Taiwan

1. Excellent design increases the stability and efficiency of production, and the quality is comparable with the equipment from Europe/USA /Japan.

2. Machines are designed withquick mold changeunit, which produce qualified product quickly after changing new mold.

3. Adopt for Micro current control system which provides on-line examination to guarantee qualified products.

4. After briefing and training, operators can operate equipment with qualify product without hesitate.

5. With strong design team, we can design and manufacture all kind special equipment of production line based on customers' spec.