Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine
Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine
  • Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine is equipped with current controller which can automatically compensate the welding current and keep the working steadily. As the spot welding processed with 100~500 spots, the electrode might be eroded but the current controller will keep the current running smoothly in order to assure the quality of products for clients. 

According to customer's requirement.

Workpiece: Steel plate 

1. Excellent design increases the stability and efficiency of production, and the quality is comparable with the equipment from Europe/USA /Japan.

2. Micro current control system is adopted for welding process which provides on-line examination to guarantee qualified products.

3. After briefing and training, operators can operate equipment with qualify product without hesitate.

4. With strong design team, we can design and manufacture all kind special equipment of production line based on customers' spec.